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09/03/08 10:16 PM
How much memory can an iPAQ 2490 use?

I have an iPAQ 2490 which has two expansion slots, one for a Compact Flash Card and the other for a SD Card. I am currently using a 4 GB CF card and a 2GB SD Card. Does anyone know how much memory the iPAQ 2490 can handle. The guys at iPAQ will only say that the unit is tested only to 2 GB's. I know it is handling 2 + 2 GB's OK but I would like to use 16 + 16 GB's to store and view videos etc.

Has anyone run the iPAQ with 16 GB's of memory car in it? Does it work? Do you need to buy something with a very fast read speed?

Any advice would be warmly appreciated. Steve

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