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05/29/04 02:02 PM
Mac compatible, with keyboard and bluetooth: UX50 ?

I use mostly my Palm Tungsten for sending e-mails and I am tired of not having a keyboard. So I am looking for a new PDA: Mac OS X compatible, with keyboard and bluetooth (I use my cell phone as a modem). I was thinking about the Clie UX50, but I need to be able to check e-mails like every hour for a day without recharging. I heard about the battery issue with the UX50: any feedback that it can handle a day with bluetooth on (I don't mean having the PDA on for 8 hours, but just for 2-3' every hour). Besides anybody knows if the e-mail app has automatic check feature ? Thanks in advance.

(PDA Addict)
06/01/04 09:07 PM
Re: Mac compatible, with keyboard and bluetooth: UX50 ?

Have you looked at the Treo 600? You can get the Goodlink feature that actually pushes the email, as opposed to you check it, as the messages come in...

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