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06/04/04 08:29 PM
Do I still need a cell phone & PDA?

I'm ready to trade-in (and of course trade-up) my cell phone and PDA. With the emergence of the smartphone, I'm wondering whether I should take the plunge and combine my old devices into one. I've been using Palms for years now and don't mind the need to be "graffiti-proficient".

This is what I "need":
-access to the Verizon mobile network (so I can make calls while on the Wash DC Metro); the only reasonable free roaming & free long-distance plan they offer requires a tri-mode phone.
-contact/address book, date book/calendar, reminders & tasks, memo/notepad of some sort (to keep driving directions handy), simple games.
-ability to categorize all of these items.
-size not much larger than the old Palm m125.
-easy data-entry (ideally by synching with my home PC--Outlook Express or whatever else; not allowed to synch with Outlook at my new job).
-easy way to share (beam) data to others.

I don't have to have internet or email access or a digital camera. My new job will give me a Nextel DirectConnect phone, so I'll have fun learning how to use that (but can't use it for personal calls). Plus, I don't want to have to buy something else in 2 years. I don't mind paying up to $500 upfront, but want monthly fees to be "reasonable" ($40/month).

Someone suggested getting devices with Bluetooth so I don't have to enter contact info into both the PDA and the cellphone. Do I just need a cellphone (and need to get used to the smaller screen)?

Any ideas? THANKS

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06/05/04 06:03 PM
Re: Do I still need a cell phone & PDA?

If you want to stick with Verizon, right now the Kyocera 7135 reviewed on this site, is their only Palm OS smartphone offering. It is a great phone. Verizon also offers the Samsung i600 MS Smartphone (no touch screen or handwriting recognition on MS Smartphones however). They also have the Samsung i700 Pocket PC Phone (again, reviewed on our site). That's a great Pocket PC and phone, if you're also considering PPC OS.

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