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06/15/04 05:28 AM
PalmOne Zire 31 vs. Sony Clie SJ33

I have been studying these two models and I am stuck. I am a busy college student who likes the idea of an MP3 player/PDA. In comparing the palm zire 31 (cheaper) to the Sony sj33, the Palm has a 200 MHz processor while the clie only has 66MHz. Will that make much of a difference in mp3 playing, using documents, or playing with and games and pictures?

Is the difference in display that significant? The Palm has 160x160 pixel STN and an unknown color display. The Sony has 320x320 pixel, 65,000 color TFT. Will I notice the difference in watching a video on them?

Does the zire 31 have Docs to Go (Word and Excel)? If it doesn't can I use an old clie SJ22's cd and install it on the zire. They have the same OS system, Palm OS, but probably different versions.

What type of writing software does the sj33 have? Does it use graffiti 2 or transcriber?

I am also worried that Sony has quit making PDAs which makes me think I won't be covered if I get into a jam.

All these pros and cons are making my decisions hard to make. Which one do you think is best for me? I would really like your help, all of you, thanks

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06/18/04 07:35 PM
Re: PalmOne Zire 31 vs. Sony Clie SJ33

Yes, the 200MHz will be faster but you'll only notice it when playing intensive games, watching vidoes and working with very long documents.

The display is significantly better on the SJ33! It's high res and is much higher quality with a sharper, less pixelated display.

The Zire 31, being a budget PDA, doesn't come with Documents To Go. You'll likely be able to use the version you already have though.

The SJ33 has Graffiti for input. Transcriber only comes with Pocket PCs.

Sony has stated that they will continue to support Clies sold in this country, so you shouldn't have to worry about that.

Keep in mind that the SJ33 is an older, discontinued model, though it's still very useful.

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