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06/22/04 07:54 AM
A PDA Just to write word documents

Hi everyone,

Can anyone suggest a low battery consumption, external memory card PDA that will simply allow me to create and edit word documents.

I am about to embark an a year long journey on a bicycle from South America to North America and would like to update my website while on the road and interview people I meet for a book and documentary I am writing and co-producing. Space is an issue so, I can't take a laptop. I will be spending a lengthy amount of time in developing countries where internet cafes will not likely be equipped with bluetooth nor firewire.

The things I needed were.
A good quality voice recording device.
A word Processesor.
External Memory Card (so I can upload docs through a card reader onto the various internet cafes along the way)

So, after some deliberation I have decided to forgo the Palm Zire72 for:
1. a 15gig IPod (same price and can do voice recording)
2. the simplest PDA I can find that will allow me to do word processing. (low battery consumption would be a great asset)

This is what I need help with. Can anyone suggest a PDA that is just that simple?

Thank you in advance!

(I am guessing that I will be able to store my docs on the IPod. If anyone can see any false logic in my presumptions, please correct me.)

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06/23/04 01:06 AM
Re: A PDA Just to write word documents

The single biggest battery eater is the screen. If battery life is your primary measure, a monochrome screen will be your best bet. Something like an old Palm m500 would fit your bill nicely. If you want something new, there are no new mono devices that use memory cards. For new, a Palm Tungsten E is pretty popular, has decent battery life, and it comes with the excellent Doc To Go software for full MS Office compatibility. You can get battery charges that use 4 AA batteries to extend the PDA's battery life, and you can get AA batteries anywhere.

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