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06/23/04 01:58 PM
Zire 71 and Tungsten E at same price - which to get?

Hi! Total newbie here, and this is a great forum.

If I can get the Zire 71 or the Tungsten E for the same price (and it looks as though I can), which should I get? I'm basically looking for a glorified organizer that can play MP3s. The camera on the Zire is a nice touch, but not essential if the E is better in all other respects.

Both represent the top end of my budget. Before I saw the price of the 71, I had been deciding between the 31 and the E. The 31 would meet my basic needs, and the E would be that "what the heck - for just $50 more I can get this, this, and this" option. In other words, I won't go the extra money for something even fancier than the 71.

The manufaturer's warranty on the Zire is a year, but the E offers only 90 days, and I've read a fair number of reviews, particularly on amazon, that suggest that the Tungsten E tends to dissolve just after the warranty expires. Others, however, say the E can do no wrong. So, for the same price, which device, the 71 or the E, offers me the best user-friendliness, reliability, battery life, etc? Many thanks in advance.

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06/24/04 06:21 PM
Re: Zire 71 and Tungsten E at same price - which to get?

Unless it's a refurb, the Tungsten E should come with a one year warranty.

The Tungsten E is a bit smaller if that matters to you, though the Zire 71 is by no means terribly large.

The Zire 71 has palmOne's universal connector, which means you can use all the accessories made for that connector.

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