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06/26/04 04:36 AM
what shouldi get plam os or ppc? and what model should i get?

I need help deciding on what to get. I was looking at PDA?s mainly to help keep track of appointments and keeping workout journals, but now that I?ve been researching them I would like to be able to do more. I would like a PDA that I can sync with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word. I would also like to read e-books on it; I realize that most will do this. I want it to have customer grade IR so I can use it for a remote (being people in my house like to lose ours often).

I would also like it to be very very expandable (so when I have the money I can add to it). I have Wi-Fi in my house so I want something that has Wi-Fi, or can have Wi-Fi added to it through a card (when I have the money). GPS would also be something I would like to add. So I assume that a CF slot will do these best. And games, But that?s the least important.

So what would work best palm OS, or pocket pc?
And which models would work well for me?
The one I?ve noticed was the iPAQ 2215. Is there an equivalent to it that someone makes for cheaper?
I have $350 to spend but want to keep it under $250 or better yet $200, before tax and shipping.

Recap of thing I want: in order of importance

1. Replace my workout journal (with a workout log and a diet log)

2. Under $250 please

3. be able to sync or transfer files from and to Outlook, Excel, and Word

4. Read e-books

5. Have IR (strong enough to use as a remote)

6. be able to expand it (Wi-FI, GPS, the works)

7. Games (really not important but fun)

p p p please help me pick a PDA, there?s just too many to pick from.

Thanx for all the help,
Stuart Shahan.

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06/26/04 03:52 PM
Re: what shouldi get plam os or ppc? and what model should i get?

That's a tough price range for the breadth of requirements you list. I personally prefer PalmOS devices. You can compare features, including retail price, of Palms here and Sonys starting here. WiFi cards for devices w/o WiFi are just starting to become available. This site keeps great track of the news on these developments.

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06/26/04 09:32 PM
Re: what shouldi get plam os or ppc? and what model should i get?

From what I see the palm OS is the way to go because it?s better supported by the software available, and it has less bugs then pocket pc OS. I looked at the Tungsten C and really liked all the features it had except (what looked like) a small screen and the fact that I couldn?t sync with Outlook.

Is there a palm that offers the same features but has bigger screen and software to sync with Outlook? I don?t need the thumb keyboard if that helps.

Also for a good competitive price I like using yahoo shopping. I found the tungsten c for $303 after tax and delivery.

thanks for all the help,
Stuart Shahan

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