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06/28/04 05:58 AM
PDA or pen and paper?

I am new to PDA's. I started a computer repair business several months ago and business is getting very busy, I need something to organize my appointments. I have a New, fully loaded laptop to take care of most of my needs when I'm out, but I don't want to have to wip it out, boot it, etc..just to schedule an appointment. I have 3 more desktop computers in the shop at my disposial, so appointments and recording tasks while I'm on the road are the only reasons I would use the PDA.
One of the reasons I have not bought a PDA before now is that it looks slow to type in appointments one key at a time without a real keyboard. If I hate to do text messaging with my cellphone (to slow pecking keys without a real keyboard), will I hate to enter appointments in my PDA? I'm thinking a foldup keyboard for the PDA is a pain too, if I have to pull that out and plug it in every time I want to enter an appointment? Is it still eaiser to use an old fashioned Organizer, pen and paper, that I can handwrite into, or am I missing something? I have a budget of $350. What would you recommend for someone who hates pecking with his index finger, when he can handwrite it in half the time on paper. Should I even buy a PDA? It would be nice to learn how to use PDAs, since my business is crossing over into what PDA's are doing, but I hate to spend $350 for something that I won't use other then to play around with it in case a customer has a question.

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06/28/04 10:11 PM
Re: PDA or pen and paper?

I know one thing. You can write directly with the pen on the PDA instead of using the "viritual keyboard",
And secoundly, there is cheap PDAs for "organize only" purposes.
I would recommed taking a look at the Palm Zire series.
The cheapest models costs less then 100$ (if not eaven cheaper)
And one of those should be exactly what you need!

Atleast thats what i think.

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