(junior member)
07/03/04 11:28 PM
What should I buy?

This will be my first pda purchase.

What I want is a lot of calendar features, ie alarms (sound and vibrate), dates, contacts, etc, which I think all pdas have. Also the ability to write small word documents, ie ms office stuff. And maybe even some translation software if there is any available. E-mail and internet stuff not required but always a plus. Also some games for fun I want something that is fast and will last quite a while and I am willing to spend up to 400$

So far I have been looking into the tungsten T3 and C, but I see that there are tons of pdas out there that could possible be much better for what I am looking for. All help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

(PDA Addict)
07/08/04 06:25 PM
Re: What should I buy?

Actually, not all PDAs have vibrating alarms-- most don't. They all can flash a reminder LED, play a sound and show you the appointment on screen however. So the two you've chosen are good if you want vibrating alarms.

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