(junior member)
07/06/04 03:02 AM
What Pocket pc is good for mp3's and video

I am 15 and am looking for a good quality Pocket Pc for at the most 400 dollars for mostly video watching like divx dvd's and mp3 audio and I need as much meory as possible and i was looking at the ipaq 4155 sony clie x40 and toshiba e750 does anyone know which would be the best for what I want. Also i need somewhat long battery life the longest possible and fast internet surfing.

(PDA Addict)
07/08/04 06:33 PM
Re: What Pocket pc is good for mp3's and video

The Toshiba e750 (esp. if it has the Windows Mobile 2003 OS) is a good choice for videos because the high end Toshibas have fast video processors and more video memory. It can also take CF storage cards which are cheaper than SD card and come in larger capacities. You'll definitely need a storage card to store long DivX movies.

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