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07/12/04 04:14 AM
which is better

i currently have an Compaq Ipaq 3870 and love it except for the screen colours it has a red tint when looking at it stright on and is a little dark when viewing pics or videos i am looking at an HP IPAQ 1940 because it is smaller which is what i would like and it has simmalar specks and i think the problems i have with my current screen are not in the newer modles i am a student who uses it for some school work(word Spellckeck) veiwing pictures, movies, playing Rayman and other games is it worth me buying it or it their another pocket pc anyone could recomend. I like the PPC os and want to play small videos and games like rayman and tomb raider so i would be needing a bright screen for tomb raider i like the shape and look of the ipaq 1940 and can get one at a good price

(Head Honcho)
07/14/04 09:19 PM
Re: which is better

Any of the newer PPCs with transflective displays will look noticeably better, including the iPAQ 1940.

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