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07/20/04 07:57 AM
Sony Clie and Vaios

I'm a first time PDA buyer and have been deciding between a Palm Tungsten T3 or IPAQ 1940.

I'm not particularly interested in MP3 or digital camera but want MS Office compatibility, Bluetooth and easy, quick data entry.

I have a Sony Vaio TR2MP with Bluetooth and I suddenly thought that I should look into any advantages there may be in having a Sony Clie and Vaio - do they interact in any way or do anything fancy? I'm in the UK and it looks like I can only buy a Clie TJ27 or TJ37, but I don't think either of these have Bluetooth.

Any info on Clie and Vaio, and networking without Bluetooth would be really helpful.

(PDA Addict)
07/25/04 09:29 PM
Re: Sony Clie and Vaios

Our Editor in Chief, Lisa, has a Vaio TR2A and it didn't do anything special or better when interacting with Clies. There aren't any added features other than the memory stick slot on the Vaio which is handy if you want to transfer files and photos between the two.

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