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07/23/04 06:12 AM
Mac Compatible PDA

I have just gone over to a Macintosh G5 which will not recognize my old Palm V. Because of this I am looking to upgrade and have basically narrowed it down to a Palm or the Clie TH55 which I know requires 3d party software. I am concerned about getting my current data onto the Sony and am wondering if anyone has any advise about PDA ease of use with Macs. I currently am using Palm Desktop v4.a on a PC w/Windows XP.
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Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
07/23/04 06:54 PM
Re: Mac Compatible PDA

Your best bet is to use MissingSync from Marspace as they support both Palm and Pocket PC platforms. This way you won't limit yourself on which PDA you have to use just because you are syncing to the Mac. The MissingSync is a proven app that gets updated with new Mac OS version as well as new handhelds.

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