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09/19/07 08:27 PM
Voice Command w/ BlueTooth PDA Phone

Ok. I thought I wasn't asking much of a phone, but I'm not really certain what to get with all of the choices out there. I currently have a razr, which is fine, but I want to get my info. from outlook without carrying a PDA as well so I want to upgrade. I'm looking for a PDA phone, which is easy enough to find, but where I can get a bluetooth headset and use voice commands to get it to dial and even play songs would be nice. I purchased MS Voice Command when I planned to buy an XV6700. That order was broken in shipping and they have no more. I then read, while searching for another on e-bay or Amazon, that the XV6700 wouldn't work with bluetooth for voice commands anyway. I don't need the internet on the phone - just looking for a phone, PDA, and Mp3 player all in one that I can use with voice commands through a bluetooth headset - if you know a good headset for the phone you suggest that would be nice to. I'm upgrading and haven't bought a PDA phone ever and my last was a palm or handspring treo w/out the phone part. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

By the way, I have Verizon so it would need to work with that also.

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09/26/07 04:20 AM
Re: Voice Command w/ BlueTooth PDA Phone

you may have a bluetooth headset,go to this site might as well!
i always buy electronic products on it!

Hope it helps you!

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09/26/07 10:17 PM
Re: Voice Command w/ BlueTooth PDA Phone

At the moment, Verizon's selection of PDA phones isn't very broad. There's the new Motorola Q9m that does support voice dialing over BT and stereo playback of music over Bluetooth stereo headsets and headphones. It's considerably smaller and lighter than the 6700 as well.

Motorola's S9 stereo headphone review is here: . It works quite well with the Q9m.

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