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10/09/07 04:16 PM
PDA with best battery life

Hi guys, sorry for my english but it's not my mother tongue.
I'm looking for device for internet browsing (banking, stock exchange).
My requirements:
-very good battery life (do you know any sites with pda's battery life compare?)
-wm 2003 or higher
-3,5 inch screen (i think it's standard size) or similiar
-not to big size (now i've got ipaq 1940 and this pda has got good size)

Thanks for your help.

(Head Honcho)
11/02/07 01:40 AM
Re: PDA with best battery life

Battery life among Windows Mobile PDAs doesn't vary all that much from model to model. The screens are mostly 3" these days on the smaller models that are similar in size to the iPAQ 1940. Palm OS PDAs tend to have somewhat better battery life, but if you want WinMo, I'd suggest the HP iPAQ x1950 that replaced your 140. Here's our review: . HP will be coming out with a few new Pocket PCs, but it looks like they've been delayed until Jan. 2008.

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