(junior member)
11/12/07 12:39 AM
Help between Treo 755p and Sprint Touch

Looking for help from you who use your smart phone a lot for scheduling when on the road. I am looking at the Treo 755P and the new Sprint HTC Touch. Drawn some to the Touch but how bad is it for input of client info on either of these units. Will get a call on the road and need to input info and schedule a call or appt. and then sync back with my Act!2008 database on my laptop.

(Head Honcho)
11/12/07 02:48 AM
Re: Help between Treo 755p and Sprint Touch

Entering calendar appointments with a short note should be just fine. Writing long emails is another story, for most the Treo would be a better choice for long emails or sending lots and lots of SMS each day. But short stuff like appointments is easy enough on the Touch.

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