(PDA Addict)
11/27/07 02:47 PM
Nokia N810 vs. XV6800

What's the deal with the new Nokia's? I can't imagine the XV6800 would be that much better than the XV6700 which is what I have now. The Nokia N810 I would guess would put them to shame. Speaking in terms usability, speed, and functionality. The 6700 is so quirky and I honestly don't think they're meant to be used as much as mine gets used seeing how it's my 6th one.

Does Verizon do the N810's?

(Head Honcho)
11/27/07 07:47 PM
Re: Nokia N810 vs. XV6800

The N810 isn't a phone, so it's not the kind of device carriers would offer. But yes, it is a very impressive and cool device.

On the phone front, Nokia is moving away from making CDMA phones (that's the network technology Verizon uses) and will focus on their core business which is GSM.

(PDA Addict)
11/28/07 04:48 PM
Re: Nokia N810 vs. XV6800

Darn, that's a bummer. Is there anything comparable to a 6700 or 6800 through Verizon that may be better? I used to use Nokia's when I first had a cell phone and was always a fan of their equipment. But I need it to be a phone too.

Thanks for the info.

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