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11/30/07 02:37 AM
Need Help with selection of smartphone. Currently have Sprint service.


This whole research project on smartphones is exhausting. Does anyone know the best sites to check this stuff out in summary style?

I'm interested in buying a device that does the minimum of these 4 things. All other functions would be optional, not mandatory.

1. Telephone
2. Web browser, (typing simple emails, web surfing...)
3. Camera
4. maybe hook up the web browser to a laptop so I can see a full screen if and when I get a laptop.

Being able to watch TV, storing some videos, pictures and music to share with friends would be nice but not required.

I currently have a service with Sprint, at $40/month and I get 350 anytime anywhere minutes, 2500 night and weekend ie 8pm-7am. Sprint is offering me a discount on phones if I renew with a 2 year plan. I don't like the idea of 2 year contracts but if that is required then I guess I have to do it. If I buy a used phone, I don't have to take a 2 year contract. Here is the link to sprint and their phones prices

What would you folks recommend that I buy and how should I acquire it? I am comfortable with Craigslist, Amazon and ebay.

Should I stay with Sprint or transfer?

Any suggestions on a smartphone or service?


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11/30/07 04:24 AM
Re: Need Help with selection of smartphone. Currently have Sprint service.

These days you usually get 450 anytime minutes for $40/month. So expect to get that, along with weekend/night minutes after 9pm (somewhere between 5000 an unlimited).

The Touch might be a good choice if you decide to renew your contract and perhaps get more minutes for the same price you're already paying.

As to whether you should switch, that depends on what carrier has good service in your area. A cool phone is useless if you can't make calls from your the places you usually use your phone.

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