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12/03/07 08:56 AM
Need help on some quetions

Hi all,

I'm a French system admin and I will have to choose mobile devices pretty soon in order to replace our Blackberrys.

Here are my questions :

First, what's the difference between (Windows Mobile Professional - Pocket PC Phone Edition Models) and (Windows Mobile Standard - Microsoft Smartphone Models) ? It's two different categories on this site but I don't understand why.

Then, I will have to replace our Blackberry by other mobile devices, we would like to use the new device as phone and also get our emails sync with our exchange server. I think we should have Windows Mobile 6 on it.
We want slim and light device. the price is not the main concern.
What do you think I should get ?

thanks in advance.

(Head Honcho)
12/03/07 03:37 PM
Re: Need help on some quetions

Pocket PC phones have touch screens and (usually) faster processors and more memory. They are larger as well. They look more like PDAs. They're not what you'd call slim and light. A Windows Mobile Standard Smartphone is a better choice for slim and light.

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