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12/23/07 12:28 PM
Can't find what I want.

I have been looking all weekend for a PERFECT PHONE/PDA for me. What I want is:

Windows 6.1
PULL email. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST. IT MUST SYNC WITH EXCHANGE. Be nice if I could keep my SIM card from Cingular but I also have a Verizon account and I really do not care if I need another carriers account.
TOUCH SCREEN. I had an iPhone but the PULL email from an Exchange email account sucked. Interface is really nice though but I need Windows Apps like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
I really could care less about a camera.
QWERTY keyboard preferably on a slide out or a twist type thing. I also tried a TILT. Close but no cigar.
High speed Internet browser.
Of course Bluetooth is absolutely necessary and WiFi would be nice but not needed if the Internet access is OK.

I do not give a damn if the phone is legal or not. I just need one with the above features. I also do not care about GPS. I can?t find one. I am not sensitive about price but of course I don?t want to get ripped off.

I live in San Diego. It is very easy to get any phone from around the world here and have it UNLOCKED if needed but I cannot find one.

I am going to CES next month so maybe I will wait but I wanted to see if others had ideas.


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12/23/07 04:32 PM
Re: Can't find what I want.

There are no devices running Windows Mobile 6.1 yet. Those will be released by summer 2008. Right now, they're all Windows Mobile 6. If you didn't like the Tilt, you probably won't like the Mogul on Sprint or the XV6800 on Verizon which are its close cousins. The Samsung i760 on Verizon might be worth a look though.

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