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12/31/07 07:59 PM
Help with Purchase Decision

I, too am overwhelmed. I have a Sprint account and have good coverage at home and want to stay with Sprint. My contract is up and I am eligible for a decent rebate on a new phone. I would like to be able to use the following features:
1. make and receive calls with good reception and voice quality
2. take notes while on the call
3. be able to use google or other search engine to look up information without disconnecting the caller
4. check email (AOL)
5. surf the net
Sirius, photos, weight, size, price.
Am considering TOUCH, MOGUL but am open to others.

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01/14/08 08:29 AM
Re: Help with Purchase Decision

TOUCH is my choice. FYI, if you are struggling on between a hard keyboard and a cooler phone, you should not worry too much. As soon as I installed TouchPal soft keyboard on my phone, I don't think I need a hard keyboard anymore.

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03/05/08 04:08 AM
Re: Help with Purchase Decision

I am getting a new blackberry for work and have a choice between the 8830 World Edition and Pearl. I like the small sleek Pearl but go out of the country 2-3 times per year. Do I need the wider, bulkier 8830 or can I do something like get a SIM card for the Pearl? How does the SIM work and is it expensive? Any ideas? If possible, I would rather have the small Pearl but will need email and phone while in Australia each year. Also, I can use a company world phone while travelling but it is another number and does not have email. I can call but it is not the same convenience. Looking for the best of both worlds if possible. Thanks

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