(junior member)
01/07/08 03:51 AM
Can anyone help me out?

Hi guys,

I am about to purchase Nokia N95 but someone told me that I should purchase an iPhone. I am very confused and unable to decide what I should purchase. Can anyone tell me which one is the best and why? Please drop me your opinions.

Thanks in advance!

(Head Honcho)
01/07/08 07:36 PM
Re: Can anyone help me out?

Neither is the best, they're just plain old different.

(junior member)
01/08/08 03:29 AM
Re: Can anyone help me out?

Hi, I would personally prefer iphone and don?t think any other will make such an impact. iPhone is an extremely attractive device that integrates a phone, media player, web browser and portable email better than anything that has come before, with a user interface that is very sensitive. For more selective information on N95 Vs iPhone you can check out
Hope this will help you to finalize.

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