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02/23/08 12:15 AM
Help/advice with sourcing PDA/Palm for use in hand-held GPS guided tours

Hi friends!

I need some advice on what kind of Palm/PDA may be suitable for a new idea
that we are developing a prototype for for hand held gps guided tours that we
are creating. Or perhaps pointed in the direction of some experts who may be abel to help.

Software is currently being created to work on Windows Mobile on whichever
device we end up deciding to use. The basics are a cost effectice PDA solution with these kind of specs:

*Built in GPS
*320 x 240 TFT QVGA transflective touch screen display
*Wireless connectivity
*SD Card slot
*Stereo Sound

No need for a keyboard..etc

A similar device that seems to look the part is the Node explorer . This device does pretty much what we want to create. Does anyone know what kind of PDA this might be? It runs Linux.

Im probably looking for the more traditional looking PDA. The budget would be something like less than USD$300 each, but will eventually be importing these in batches so this should keep costs down, hopefully.

The software will be tied into google earth (at this stage) as a visual medium with visual overlays to show users where they are. With multimedia pop ups triggered by lat/lon variables.

If anyone could offer advice or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time and energy!

Kerry Mason
New Zealand

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