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03/01/08 09:17 PM
Bluetooth headsets in noisy environments

Hi, while browsing the web I found this site and discussion and was looking for a little feedback on choices if possible. I work in a noisy environment (carpet cleaning) and answer the phone to my buisness myself. Now it does get pretty noisy at times and I just don't have the time to stop work every time a call comes in for a quote which is very often. I was reading about the Jawbone in the reviews and was tempted by the reference to being good in noisy areas but was hoping i might get a reply just in case anyone else has had experience with devices in noisy areas. Particularly machinery noise. Any feedback would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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03/02/08 03:44 AM
Re: Bluetooth headsets in noisy environments

I've used most all of the headsets we've reviewed on this site, and so far the Jawbone is the best for noise reduction. Now carpet cleaning machines are really noisy so I doubt it could filter that out completely but it will come closer than any other consumer headset we've tested.

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10/07/08 11:39 PM
Re: Bluetooth headsets in noisy environments

I lost my Jawbone! Saaaaad.
So I went for the cheaper ones called Latte Mocha and my husband bought a Blueant Z9i. I bought it for under $40 for the Latte Mocha and for under $70 for the Blueant from Amazon and noise shield works great like Jawbone. It looks like the battery life is much better than Jawbone. I wouldn't spend $120 just for the brand name again.

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10/10/08 09:26 AM
Re: Bluetooth headsets in noisy environments

I don't know about jawbone but I am using jabra BT2010 a wireless headset the ideal accessory when multi-tasking is the order of the day. It's easy to use. I got it in ?13.57

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