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04/22/08 03:25 PM
Please help me to choose a PDA phone


I'm now looking for a PDA phone but actually I've never used PDAs. When I surfed about the differences between PDA and smart phone, the only thing I've found is that all PDA phones are smart phones + extra features depend on its OS and handsets while not all smart phones can be called PDAs.

So, I'm really confused to choose which one is best suited for me. I like Blueberry Curve styles but I'm worried to lose some PDA features as it's said smart phone.

Here are my personal preferences but if you think some are inappropriate, can suggest my anytime to change my way choosing my PDA.

- easy to use and very convenient as this will be my very first time trying a PDA phone so I'm definitely sure that I have to get familiar first as I heard PDA phones loading times are more or less longer than usual phones

- high end as well as good multimedia features...Hey! I'm an IT student so I'd like to use some stuffs very often such as reading eBook in PDF formats, fast Internet speed and Wifi

- stylish whether it comes with touch screen or not so it can attract me for years

Thanks for reading and this is my first thread here so, teach me if anything goes wrong. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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04/22/08 06:24 PM
Re: Please help me to choose a PDA phone

The main differentiator is that PDA phones have touch screens. Often they're all referred to as smartphones though, so it gets confusing.

The BlackBerry curve is a good choice and it's fairly easy to use. It's very good for music playback and OK at video playback. Another choice in the Windows Mobile PDA phone camp is the AT&T Tilt or XV6800 on Verizon which are top-of-the-line powerful PDA phones.

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