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06/21/08 02:18 PM
PIM/Office/Web PDA or UMPC for Work/Travel/Outdoors

Hello all,

Looking for some advice on getting a new PDA. I'm looking at UMPC options as well, but since size factor is important, I figured I'd post in this subforum.

I'm looking for something that will ideally fit a cargo pocket, but that is good so long as it fits (not taking up all the space) an [URL="http://arcteryx.com/product.aspx?Q10"]Arcteryx Q10[/URL] lumbar pack.

The main use is for work, communication, internet. Reading/writing, calendar/email/PIM, Skype/messaging, browsing web, etcetera. Need to be able to write fast/easy and long docs-- some keyboard is preferred. I use DVORAK so anything which has the option to type with that is awesome, but I can still work QWERTY.

Don't need games or multimedia, but it would be quite nice to be able to watch movies and listen to music on flights.

I generally use GNU/Linux and I prefer KDE, so anything that leans towards that end is much preferred.

Bluetooth is strongly preferred. If that means buying a Windows option and then putting GNU/Linux on it (rather than just getting straight BT-less GNU/Linux) then so be it (and damn MS to hell).

Battery life is very important. This needs to be taken to the outdoors with me, so I need something that I can get 30-45min day for a week without charging. Extra batteries are alright, so long as they don't cost more than another 2lbs of weight to make the gizmo last. If it can recharge from a small solar panel, all the better.

Budget: No more than $850, but ideally around $400-500-- very willing to cut features for price so long as basic needs are met.

Here's what I'm looking at:

HP 2133
Asus Eee PC
Wibrain B1
HP 211
HTC Advantage

Any advice, recommendations, thoughts are really appreciated!

Many thanks,

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06/22/08 12:33 AM
Re: PIM/Office/Web PDA or UMPC for Work/Travel/Outdoors

The HP 2133 is too large for a cargo pocket (the kind that comes to mind with reference to pants), but that small backpack you linked to looks roomy enough.

The HTC Advantage is a superb laptop replacement that gets you much longer battery life weighs much less. But I don't know of any way to get Linux on that with all the bits working (i.e. all the forms of wireless networking).

The iPAQ 211, given it's PDA form factor might not be up to extensive writing-- and you'd need an external keyboard. Also, I don't know of a Linux port for that device either.

That leaves the EeePC which would do all you want and can be had with Linux out of the box! It's got WiFi for Internet but there's no cellular WAN connection-- not sure if that's an issue for you.

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