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08/31/08 09:50 AM
What to buy?!

Hello guys. I would like to buy a smartphone or a communicator based on a Windows mobile system.

What do I need. Simpy evrything, but mosty the pda will be used for internet.
So i need a big screen 3.0 inches or >
Wifi bluetooth and other stuff.
Keyboard, a hidden qwerty!
Touchscreen for sure. 640x480 - ya.

I am choosing between

--- Asus p750 - but it has a 64 mem and a 2.6 inch screen. Tho it can be reprogrammedor w/e to 6x4.
----- Htc touch diamond - but very low battery life and stil a 2.8 inch and nbp keyboar at all.
----- Htc touch PRO - good but pricey! and low battery life or?

----- Iphone - no keyboard Apple =[

Are there any other good PDAS to choose from? Maybe I need too much from a single device?

Thanks !

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08/31/08 03:49 PM
Re: What to buy?!

They don't really make them with screens larger than 2.8" these days. The Samsung Omnia is one of the few exceptions (again no hardware keyboard). There's also the HTC X7510 which has a huge VGA display and is simply great for the Net it's much bigger than a small phone like the Diamond and you have to use headset or speakerphone for phone calls. Both are reviewed on our site.

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