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10/06/08 01:32 AM
HP200LX Replacement

I am an HP 200LX user. I absolutely love this palm top, but am concerned about the increasing corruption of my data as the parts wear out.

HP former users: if you have switched and found something as good or better that is supported in the U.S and is available new by its own company, please let me know what you?ve got!

For those non HP users: these are what my HP had and I desperately need:

Simple to Use. An average individual only needs ten minutes to learn it.

LARGE SCREEN. Mine is 5" x 2".

A monthly calendar in which at least 3 events are listed per day (not colored bars!)

Multiple phone books. You can see all the phone book names you?ve created on one screen.

Within each phone book you can organize your phone numbers according to categories

Same as above

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