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11/11/08 07:43 PM
Need help finding a pocket pc suitable for me...

Hi, I am looking for a small portable pocket pc / micro pc / hand held pc etc. that is very user-friendly. I write as a hobby and I think something like a portable pc would really come in handy for times when I need to get some random thought down. I am not really looking for something that is super high tech with a 382918394 different features that I will probably never use. I am not looking for a built in phone or camera, I am just simply looking for a small, comact, (perferably pockets sized and with a keyboard) user-friendly pc that I could carry along with me. I was thinking about purchaseing the Zauraus SL-series -- are there any other models out there to consider?

Thanks so much to anyone who could help!

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11/11/08 08:10 PM
Re: Need help finding a pocket pc suitable for me...

PDAs (the non-phone kind) rarely have built-in keyboards these days. Your best bet is an older used model from the days when they had keyboards or an import like the Zaurus. The Sony Clie UX40 or UX50 was a great device in its day and if you can find one used in good condition, it's worth considering too.

Here's our review of the Clie: . I would say that the Zaurus has a better keyboard though.

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