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01/19/09 04:11 PM
Phone & MP3 player compatible formats

Hi-I have Verizon Service and am interested in a new phone. I was wondering which if any phones play BOTH the formats for and Overdrive. If there is no phone is there an MP3 player which does both? From the sites, there does not appear to be any that does both. Please advise. Thanks

(Moderator and writer)
01/26/09 01:11 AM
Re: Phone & MP3 player compatible formats

I've never heard of Overdrive before... I assume you are talking about ?

That looks like a very interesting service, but I don't think they have any proprietary file format. The site says you can use their content on standard MP3 players. Almost all media players support MP3, so you just need to find one with Audible support (which is also pretty common).

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