(junior member)
03/01/09 04:36 PM
iPod touch or alternative ?? - calendaring + mp3 player

Considering an iPod touch, but would like to consider alternatives.
Requirements are simple:
i) mp3 player with (min) 2GB or more of storage -- 8GB preferable.
ii) calendar app that allows the creation and editing of calendar events on the portable device, and sync'ing with a Windows calendaring program (needn't be Outlook, but Outlook is easy 'cause we have it).
iii) $250 or less
All suggestions welcome.
- Richard

(Head Honcho)
03/02/09 02:59 AM
Re: iPod touch or alternative ?? - calendaring + mp3 player

For the things you listed, and for the price and ease of use, I'd say the iPod Touch is the way to go. The Touch certainly excels when it comes to music, and the calendaring works just fine.

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