(junior member)
08/29/09 04:56 PM
Sync with Outlook

I am looking for a new phone my most important feature is that it will sync with outlook and be touch a touch screen phone i notice in a recent review that the new Samsung has active sync but there was no mention of it syncing with outlook. Want would be the best phone you would recommend.

(Head Honcho)
08/29/09 10:46 PM
Re: Sync with Outlook

We've reviewed several touch screen Samsung phones, which one were you referring to? The Samsung Jet? Samsung touch screen phones that run TouchWiz (that's most all of their current touch screen phones) can sync with Outlook using Samsung's desktop syncing software. It's not the most elegant or transparent solution but it generally gets the job done.

Samsung's Windows Mobile phones (all Windows Mobile phones for that matter) sync to Outlook.

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