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11/30/09 08:30 PM
Motorola DROID and syncing?

I need a phone for mainly business use when I'm traveling. Here's what's important to me:

Verizon (only coverage at home)
Receive/send email through a POP server (doesn't have to be constant "push", as long as I can set it to check the POP server occasionally)
Ability to edit Word & Excel docs (both on Google Docs and local attachments and files synced from my laptop)
Ability to sync email folders with Outlook (not Exchange server) -- I really want to be able to copy certain email folders from laptop Outlook to the Droid (and then back again)
Ability to sync Outlook Contacts
Good web browsing

I *think* Droid can do all this with some added apps, but it all seems vague and confusing. I know Android has the whole cloud syncing thing but besides privacy concerns I'd have to redo my whole work structure, so I want to just sync directly with my laptop when I leave and when I come home.

I suppose Blackberry is my other option but I can't find much on syncing options there either.

I don't find much info on these capabilities in reviews so I hope someone can help.


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11/30/09 10:04 PM
Re: Motorola DROID and syncing?

The Droid can do everything you listed except syncing to Outlook on the desktop. The Droid, like all Android phones except the HTC Eris and HTC Hero, doesn't sync to PIM desktop applications.

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