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12/05/09 01:10 PM
Which phone is best based on these parameters?

I won't share all of the gory details, but here's my current status. I use an almost-dead personal Moto RAZR as my cell phone and a company-issued OLD Blackberry for exchange email on the go and synching of my calendar / contacts / tasks / notes when I'm in the office. I also have an OLD company-issued Windows-based (but not a phone) PDA that's not used for anything. (It was my calendar, etc. before I received the hand-me-down Blackberry.) I tired of carrying three devices and stopped using it since I have to keep the mobile email. Oh, I've got a personal 60 GB iPod for music, too.

Now, I have an opportunity to get a new company-paid smartphone to consolidate most (or all) of these functions. I'm off contract with Verizon and could switch to AT&T if the iPhone is my solution.

My wants in order of importance are...
1) robust PIM functions (calendar, tasks, contacts, notes) that synch on-the-fly with an Exchange Server (note: I really miss my Palm Tungsten)
2) email on-the-fly
3) quality phone (clear, reliable signal)
4) internet access
5) business-oriented apps / widgets such as a financial calculator
6) streaming music (Pandora)
7) stored music / photos / video
8) gaming

Note: there's a fairly steep drop after #3 and again after #5. So, 1-3 are must-have's, 4-5 are really-want's, and 6-8 are nice-to-have's.

I've handled (and been impressed with) the Touch Pro 2, Imagio, Moto Droid, HTC Eris, Storm 2, and iPhone. However, 5 minutes of "wow, that's awesome" in the store doesn't equate to a 2-year contract for a day-to-date getting-it-done piece of equipment.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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12/05/09 10:45 PM
Re: Which phone is best based on these parameters?

Hmmm... that's a who's who list of the top phones on the market right now. I wouldn't be unhappy to carry any of them. Gaming of the advanced 3D kind is lacking on Android right now (the 2.0 OS adds 3D support, so that eventually will change). The iPhone is definitely at the top of the gaming heap right now. There are Office suites for each platform as well as streaming music. All will do the things you want. So it may come down to which you like the best in terms of form factor and the one whose user experience was most pleasing.

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12/06/09 12:58 AM
Re: Which phone is best based on these parameters?

Well, I thought that's what you might say.

As far as I can tell, the android units don't have robust PIM functions - my number one consideration. Also, the major PIM replacements (Agendus and Pocket Informant) haven't been adapted to android yet. By "robust" I'm thinking of grouping tasks by category, filtering, etc. So, I think the Moto Droid and HTC Eris are eliminated ... unless you know something I don't!

BTW, I really like your site and video reviews.

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12/08/09 01:17 AM
Re: Which phone is best based on these parameters?

For that kind of advanced PIM functionality, you'd definitely want WinMo or something like Pocket Informant. The Droid has Android 2.0 OS with Exchange support but tasks are still the weak link and there's no filtering, and etc.

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