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12/23/09 10:52 PM
HTC Imagio or Touch Pro 2?


I am looking to buy a smart phone from Verizon. After reading your reviews and messages in discussion forum on this site, I have narrowed down to these two phones. These two phones have more or less same features, except that Touch Pro 2 has querty keyboard and Imagio has tv cast. With just these differences, I am unable to choose one. As I can freely upgrade Touch Pro 2 from WinMo 6.1 to 6.5, this also doesn't count in the comparision :-(

Looking for your help - may be like call quality, internet access performance, battery life,...


(Head Honcho)
12/24/09 09:51 PM
Re: HTC Imagio or Touch Pro 2?

Call quality, Internet and battery life are quite similar between the two. I'd say it comes down to whether or not you want the Touch Pro2's hardware kebyoard and how you feel about size (the Imagio is certainly thinner and lighter).

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