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01/25/10 11:58 PM
DJ needs Help with Best Phone for Music Apps and Playback

I am a DJ and I currently have a Blackberry Curve 8330. Which had terrible playback and clicks and pops when I try to playback a song from the phone. This phone also does not allow me to download from iTunes or Rhapsody.

My goal is to be able to connect to the internet from a wedding, or club and if the Verizon tower doesn't connect, to be able to connect via WiFi to the Function Sites Wireless network. The goal being: to able to down load a request from a guest and be able to play it back on the phone. I do it now with a lap top, but I am trying to avoid buying a wireless card when I don't have wifi onsite. As far as non music features I use Outlook to synch my calender and contacts. I do some texting, so the ease of texting is important. I don't play games on the phone. I have been looking at the Droid and the HTC Imagio, but am really not heart set on either. HELP

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01/26/10 04:36 AM
Re: DJ needs Help with Best Phone for Music Apps and Playback

So I'm guessing you're a Verizon customer who wants to stay with Verizon and that's why the iPhone is out?

Rhapsody just entered beta for Android and the Imagio has Verizon's V Cast with Rhapsody service now. Neither natively syncs to iTunes, though there's a freeware app to sync Android phones like the Droid to iTunes. But iTunes sync with these phones doesn't get you over-the-air music when you're at a wedding and away from your computer.

Verizon does offer a data plan that allows you to use your phone as a wireless modem for your notebook, but the monthly cost isn't much better than getting a separate data card. The upside is you don't have to get an additional contract if you use the BlackBerry as a wireless 3G modem, and you can remove that data plan any time you want to. That might be a good alternative.

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