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04/22/10 10:52 AM
Droid or Incredible

Hi...trying to decide between the two..have read all the reviews (yours was very very detailed My major need is a GREAT VOICE PHONE with best battery life. I am particularly concerned about the sound that the other party that I am calling hears. I have noticed recently that when people call me on modern smartphones those phones allow so much background noise through that I cant hear the caller's voice. I know that the Moto Droid has dual mic noise canceling...but I see that you rated the Incredible well in that area..which do you think is truly better when calling from a noisy environment?

Other thing is reception..my home is in a very very weak Verizon area..weird but true..I have a Verizon Network extender that gives me reception in most of the house...but in certain areas I need the cell tower reception. So do you think the Droid is really stronger?

Thanks!!...totally love the form factor of the Incredible, but ultimate speed is less critical than actual phone voice performance.

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04/22/10 03:25 PM
Re: Droid or Incredible

Both phones have very good voice quality. To my ear the Moto Droid makes voice sound a bit processed (like the DSP is shaping voice) while the Incredible has very natural and full sounding voice.

But when it comes to reception, the Moto Droid is one of the best and yes, it has much better reception than the Incredible. If you need coverage in poor RF areas, I'd definitely go with the Moto.

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