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06/21/10 01:31 PM
Comparing HTC Imagio/ HTC Touch Pro2 and Samsung Omnia 2

I'm looking to get either the HTC Imagio, HTC TouchPro2 or Samsung Omnia 2. I would rather not get a Android-based phone if you can tell. I've noticed that the TouchPro2 has a full QWERTY keyboard and that it's quite heavy, so I'm leaning away from that choice. I'm probably going to use the phone more for casual than business/professional use, so battery life is key for me. But I can't find anywhere online specific talk times for the phone by users. For anyone who's used any of these phones for at least a month, how are their batteries?

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06/21/10 04:20 PM
Re: Comparing HTC Imagio/ HTC Touch Pro2 and Samsung Omnia 2

Battery life among those three is quite similar, with the Touch Pro2 having slightly worse battery life. Generally, high end smartphones with large displays consume serious battery power and each of these phones will need nightly charging with heavy use. If you don't use the web, WiFi and GPS much, you'll get longer runtimes.

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