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06/23/10 02:19 AM
Need Nokia cell phone booster

Have Nokia Nuron. Live in thick walled building in major US city. Phone works perfect outside, and right next to window. Hardly works at all away from window. Terrible reception and lost calls.

Will someone please suggest a cell phone booster? I envision keeping an antenna or something by the window so I can use the phone inside. Nokia does not offer any suggestion. Need to keep the cost down.


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06/23/10 05:22 PM
Re: Need Nokia cell phone booster

Most home GSM repeaters sell for $175 to $500... not cheap The Nokia has very good reception so I'm guessing the signal in your home is quite weak. The easier route would be to pick up a phone that supports UMA calling over WiFi (assuming you have WiFi at home)-- unfortunately the Nuron lacks that feature.

I've used Wilson brand repeaters in the past and they work well. You'll need a package that includes the repeater unit and an antenna that you'll mount on or near a window. Make sure to get one that's for GSM networks and that has the 1900MHz band for T-Mobile.

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