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01/05/11 03:23 AM
Need Help for the old guy on his UK Trip.

I gave up on updating my cellphone a few years ago. I am presently Verizon Wireless which works great here in Connecticut. Now I would like to get a Android smartphone which allows me access my Google account.

So my question is what smartphone and what carrier ie: TMobile or AT&T as they use the 900/2100MHz bands as does the UK. They say the Google - Nexus S is sold unlocked so in theory you should be able to put a Sim card when I'm in England.

When you are new you should read the website first. The section on Unlocked GSM Phone Reviews is very useful.
I could stay with Verizon and get a Droid 2 Global but it has a vodafone Sim card installed and Vodafone service sucks in the UK like TMobile in Connecticut.

Any help, ideas or thoughts would be grateful.

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01/05/11 03:09 PM
Re: Need Help for the old guy on his UK Trip.

If you're a customer in good standing, Verizon will generally give you the unlock code, so you could use the Droid 2 Global with another provider's SIM card. Just call customer service and ask them about it.

The Nexus S is a really lovely phone, and I own one myself. You're best off going with T-Mobile if you get that phone though, because it lacks AT&T's 3G bands. Android is absolutely not great with 2G/EDGE service because it does a lot of updates over the data network. These go very quickly on 3G and crawl on EDGE.

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01/05/11 05:26 PM
Re: Need Help for the old guy on his UK Trip.

Thank you very much Lisa, will pop into Best Buy tomorrow and get one. Looking at TMobile site it looks that I have good coverage. Did find a UK site on Sim cards.

Thanks again.

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