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04/08/11 05:21 PM
AT&T: HTC Inspire or Captivate?

I currently have a Vibrant on T-Mobile but switching to ATT due to deadspots in my area.
I've seen all the reviews and numerous articles on both phones.But does anyone have any real world input on these 2 phones?I really like my Vibrant (AMOLED screen mostly), just getting tired of dealing with lag on the phone and would think the Captivate would be just as buggy after a while , so I'm thinking the HTC may be better for me.
Thanks for any help, and hello I'm new here :-) Britton

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04/10/11 03:56 AM
Re: AT&T: HTC Inspire or Captivate?

The Captivate does indeed behave in a similar fashion to the Vibrant, when it comes to both good and bad points. Beyond reviewing them, I've owned them both, and loved the display and Hummingbird CPU + GPU, but there are TouchWiz bugs and occasional lag.

Personally, I'd go with the Inspire. It's a really lovely phone and HTC Sense is hard to beat. It's also a newer model, and that's always a plus. The only drawbacks with the Inspire are mediocre battery life that's worse than the Vibrant and Captivate's and the lack of Super AMOLED.

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07/16/11 04:58 PM
Re: AT&T: HTC Inspire or Captivate?

My wife and I own each the HTC Inspire 4G. We have them now about 4 months and love that phone. I believe that THC makes better phones (and interface) than Samsung.

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