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01/06/12 04:22 AM
High-end Android tablet?

I've been looking at getting the Transformer Prime for a while now, but knowing that it seems to have a few issues, I'm not 100% sure anymore if this is the tablet for me. I'm a gamer, and was really looking forward to the Tegra3 in this device.

Do you have any suggestions as to whether you think I should go ahead and pick one up, or if I should wait for another company to deliver a better Tegra3 tab in the same price range?


(Head Honcho)
01/06/12 05:10 AM
Re: High-end Android tablet?

If GPS is important to you, the Asus Transformer Prime isn't a good pick. We've also had some trouble with audio out over HDMI (left channel only) and the camera is grainy. But gaming performance is excellent, so that's a plus given your stated interest. We've heard of a few more dual core TI Android tablets in the pipeline, but other than the rumored Asus tablet, not much on the Tegra 3 front, so I'm not sure you'll have many more options in the next two months if you want a Tegra 3.

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