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01/27/12 05:33 AM
Need help on deciding Laptop

Hi MobileTech, I am an art and architecture student looking for a laptop that can use both AutoCAD, Revit, and the Adobe Suite simultaneously (probably having Photoshop and AutoCAD on at the same time). My budget is probably around $450-$550. A Mac is definitely out of the question because I dont like iOS. I looked around and saw the Samsung Series 3 for a pretty decent price. I was wondering what suggestions you have and if the Series 3 is still a viable option for art students running these programs.

Thank you!

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01/27/12 04:06 PM
Re: Need help on deciding Laptop

It's going to be hard to find a machine powerful enough to run AutoCA and Adobe CS simultaneously with decent speed in that price range (I'm assuming you're shopping new and not used). Generally folks who run those apps want dedicated graphics and cards with OpenGL acceleration, and dedicated graphics with any oomph are usually found in $1,000 laptops. You'd want an Intel Core i5 since the Core i3 would probably be laggy running both those apps/suites simultaneously.

The Samsung Series 3 has many models, but they do offer a Core i5 with Intel integrated graphics in your price range. Without dedicated graphics performance would be passable but not fast.

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