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04/22/12 03:11 AM
Surprise! Another Tablet Hunter!

Hi, this is my first post, so let me start by saying hi and that I enjoy watching your (Lisa's) reviews. I subscribed to your YouTube channel when I was deciding which phone to buy. I've enjoyed watching to keep up with the state of tech. You do a good job.

So, to my question.. I'm about to buy my first tablet.
Here's what I know I want:

Android - hands down.
10" screen
Smooth video playback - must
USB Host - must
DVI out - a bonus
GPS - meh
3G/4G - no thanks, that's the phone's job

I'll be using the tablet mainly for web browsing (stock market) and secondarily for entertainment.

So far I'm looking at the Asus Transformer or the Acer A500.
I'll welcome any opinions on these or other brands I didn't mention.

Another question I have is; is the next greatest thing about to come out? Is it worth waiting? I'd like to buy the tablet by mid summer, in time for planned travel.


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04/23/12 01:48 AM
Re: Surprise! Another Tablet Hunter!

Glad you like our reviews! HDMI out is pretty common on 10" Android tablets, but you won't find DVI unless you can find an HDMI to DVI monitor adapter.

I'd pick the Transformer over the A500 for video playback because the A500 has particular difficulties with 720p and 1080p high profile video. You might want to look at the video review we just posted of the Acer A510 which simply rocks for HD video playback and is on sale for $429 on Amazon right now (just $30 more than the first ten Transformer). The newer Qualcomm dual core tablets and the quad core Tegra 3 tablets handle HD video playback much better than 1st gen Nvidia Tegra 2 dual cores did.

There's also the Asus Transformer Pad TF300, a slightly lower end version of the Transformer Prime that will replace the 1st gen Transformer at the $399 price point. It's not in stores yet, but we'll have a review of the TF300 soon.

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04/23/12 11:22 AM
Re: Surprise! Another Tablet Hunter!

Thanks. I saw your review of the A510. I had the model wrong when I said A500. I also messed up when I said DVI. I meant HDMI.

Thank you for your time and opinion.

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