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06/19/12 04:38 PM
Best laptop for under $1000

With various coupons around there are some very powerful laptops on the market for less than $1000 which in your opinion is the best for the money out of:

Xps 15z (i7 8gb 1g graphics, 1tb hdd)
Xps 13 i5
Hp envy 14
Hp spectre xt

Or would you suggest another?

I travel a lot so the lighter weight would help but not essential, I have an external HDD anyway so memory size isn't the deciding factor. I'm quite happy to change the HDD myself for an SSD at a later date if it meant getting a better spec for less than $1000
I also have an external blu-ray rw. It will mostly be used for web design, office and movies. Games unlikely.15 inch screen max to 13 min. Hi -res display would be nice with HDMI output. I have an iMac but would prefer windows 7 or 8 on the laptop.


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06/19/12 11:16 PM
Re: Best laptop for under $1000

Those are all really nice machines and it's not an easy choice. I'd wait for Dell to refresh the XPS 15z with Ivy Bridge before picking it up. Not sure when they'll update the XPS 13 with Ivy Bridge. The XPS 13 has the winning combo of being the most portable and durable. The XPS 15z is very powerful-- probably more than you need for the tasks you listed. We haven't gotten the Spectre XT in for review yet, so I can't say about it except that it looks great on paper. The Envy 14 is going away and thus isn't a top pick.

06/20/12 08:29 AM
Re: Best laptop for under $1000

I will suggest you XPS15z

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06/21/12 11:47 AM
Re: Best laptop for under $1000

I am swayed by the spec and the huge voucher discount on the xps15z $450 off is quite a large bite!

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