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10/09/12 11:50 AM
Tablet for a teacher???

I am a teacher and I plan to write a grant to apply for a tablet. Mostly I would be the one using it but would like to be able to let the kids use it for reading and some web applications. My wish list is:

1. Stylus. My main reason for wanting the tablet is to take notes especially on PDF files (keep notes on manuals, student reading assessments etc) Preferably one that doesn't freak out when I touch my hand to the screen at the same time. I know the Samsung note has this but you an only use it in limited Samsung applications. I want to download a PDF editor app and save to Dropbox or Evernote?

2. Expandable storage. I hate that my iPad has an "it what it is" mentally when it comes to storage among other things.

3. Wifi only is all I would need.

4. Under $500. I can't sound greedy or ill have no chance of getting it. Will need to add some to the price for apps, sd card, stylus etc.

5. Must play flash! Probably my biggest gripe with apple. I can't get photon to work for the education sites I need.

6. Any size >=7 inches is fine.

7. At least simple editing of Microsoft documents. I would ideally like to bring it home and edit things I need there instead of lugging a laptop. (We don't have a home computer yet to use my google or Dropbox cloud storage in that way. Long story)

Thanks for your help in advance!!

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10/09/12 01:27 PM
Re: Tablet for a teacher???

Android has general stylus support and the pen works in Adobe Reader and several other apps- it's not limited to the Samsung apps.

Adobe stopped supporting Flash for mobile platforms on Aug. 15, but you can download it from their site rather than via the Google Play Store.

There are very few non-Windows tablets with digital pens, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is arguably the best and certainly the newest on the market. I'd go with it.

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10/09/12 03:40 PM
Re: Tablet for a teacher???

Thanks so much. I have watched two of your reviews on YouTube. They are great! I have some questions about it.

1. Can you write on anything with a "floating layer"?
2. Is there a VGA adapter?
3. Is a PDF converter around? Say I want to open a word doc and convert to PDF to take notes on it.
4. This is when my lack of computer knowledge shows, Could you hook up an external hard drive to run more pc software like office? Or it's the os that allows for that?
5. Can you print to a wireless printer? Any limitations to it?

Let me know when I get too annoying!

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10/09/12 05:13 PM
Re: Tablet for a teacher???

You can only run Android apps on an Android tablet (not Windows apps).

There is an MS Office compatible suite pre-installed (Polaris Office) and you can use that to convert documents to PDF.

If an app supporting inking, you can write anywhere in that app. Otherwise you can take a screenshot and write on that screen by placing the screenshot in Samsung S Note.

There's an HDMI adapter but no VGA adapter. Wireless printing is supported if you buy an app to do so. It supports big name popular printers like HP printers.

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