(junior member)
12/14/12 08:45 AM
Vivo Lisa!

Thanks, Lisa. Because I watched your Asus Vivobook review, I knew not to buy the one on sale at Best Buy and to look for the X202 version, which I did buy, so I have the latest generation 1.8GHz processor and Bluetooth. Actually, I looked at one at Staples with the right processor, but no Bluetooth (their own version). You had to really be on the lookout to get the right Vivobook. Mine is being delivered today.

(Head Honcho)
12/14/12 06:28 PM
Re: Vivo Lisa!

So glad to help! Yes, sometimes these sneaky alternate models hit the market and drive everyone crazy Thankfully, Best Buy is playing this game less often compared to a few years ago. And Staples axing Bluetooth... oye.

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