(junior member)
02/26/13 02:17 PM
Macbook Air 13 vs XPS 12 vs Yoga 13

Hi Lisa,

I'm trying to decide between the models above. They all come in at around the same price. I have never used either OS though.

Any advice would be welcome.....
which would you buy?

(Head Honcho)
02/27/13 04:47 AM
Re: Macbook Air 13 vs XPS 12 vs Yoga 13

It really depends on which OS you prefer. I know you haven't used either, though I'm guessing you've probably used Windows 7, which gives you an idea of what 50% of Windows 8 is like. Go to a store and test out OS X and Windows 8, and see which you like best. Also consider how important a touch screen is since OS X machines lack a touch screen.

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