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04/04/13 02:27 AM
Vizio Notebook

Hi everyone,

I am currently on an old Dell and am looking to buy a new laptop in the summer. Just a few questions about the Vizio Notebook (not the thin and light):

1) Will they even release a new model of this? (I hope they will within a few months ).

2) Will it be updated with the Haswell chips?

3) Will there be a backlit keyboard?

And just a few general questions:

1) Is there any keyboard flex? I hate keyboard flex with a passion.

2) Do you feel it works well with Windows 8? I am not a fan of touch for my computer because I do web development and just use a mouse or more rarely, the trackpad, so I hope they don't add touch to the notebook

Thanks in advance,


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04/04/13 03:54 AM
Re: Vizio Notebook

We've only reviewed the thin and light Vizio model, aka Ultrabook, so I can't speak for the keyboard or Windows 8 on their larger laptops like the 15" version. The Vizio Thin and Light that we reviewed didn't have keyboard flex problems. As to whether they'll add keyboard backlight or when they'll ship Haswell models.. well, that's up in the air, as with all manufacturers at this point. My guess would be that Haswell models start shipping this fall, and certainly by the holiday shopping season. I don't see any reason that Windows 8 wouldn't run decently on any current Vizio laptop since they use very standard hardware. That said, check their website to see if they offer Windows 8 driver downloads (particularly power management and Fn key drivers) for the model you're interested in. Those drivers are the only ones that are highly specific to a given model.

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