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04/06/13 03:52 PM
Don't know which one I should buy...

Currently I am looking for a laptop that has a
1. good look
2. at least 500GB hdd
3. touch screen
4. win8
5. back-lit keyboard
6. thin body
7. high resolution
Other parameters do not matter much for me, as long as the laptop is generally fast and has a good performance for daily usage.
Currently I have ASUS UX32VD in mind, but I found that many other brands have similar products...
Could anyone advice which one has a high performance and a relatively low cost?

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04/06/13 11:15 PM
Re: Don't know which one I should buy...

Actually, the Asus Zenbook UX32VD is pretty unique because it's one of the few Ultrabooks with a dedicated graphics card and upgradable RAM and HDD. The Samsung Series 7 Ultra would be similar, though the dedicated graphics option isn't available in the US at this time.

You know the UX32VD doesn't have a touch screen, and you list that as one of your requirements.

Do you want it to be Ultrabook weight (around 3 lbs.) and 13.3", or are you willing to go higher for weight and/or size?

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04/07/13 03:39 AM
Re: Don't know which one I should buy...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your prompt reply!!
Actually I live in Singapore. I visited a PC store a few days ago, and I found that the UX3VD comes with a touch screen. I am not sure about the exact model number of it, but it has a integrated graphic card, 500GB hdd, intel i5 and 24GB ssd.
I am not a pro in this area so probably I won't upgrade it...><

I have a Toshiba laptop now, so I am going for a ligher one. As for the screen size, >= 13.3" is good for me. But I really want it to be light because I will bring it to class..

I actually saw some reviews for this model(UX32VD), and many of them say that the support is bad and the quality is not gauranteed...I am a bit worried about that also...

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04/07/13 02:55 PM
Re: Don't know which one I should buy...

That's really mysterious. Even on Asus's Singapore website, they only list a non-touch Zenbook UX32VD. There's the touch UX31A and the VivoBook S300CA 13.3" Touch model with a 500 gig HDD and integrated graphics. I would absolutely love it as a touch model!

In the Ultrabook 13" category, with 2 exceptions hey all have integrated graphics, and nearly all have SSDs, so to meet your requirements, the UX32VD is the only one with an HDD and dedicated graphics in the 13.3" space. Even the Samsung Series7 Ultra with touch and dedicated graphics is an SSD-only machine. You could hunt for a 512 gig mSATA SSD to upgrade the Series 7 Ultra but those are drives quite expensive.

The UX32VD had some quality control issues, but Asus has gotten that under control. You might get some light bleed on the display, but that's about it for problems. Support varies from country to country, so I can't speak for their Singapore support. In the US, their support is no worse than other PC companies, in my experience.

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04/07/13 04:32 PM
Re: Don't know which one I should buy...

Thank Lisa!!
Oh then maybe the PC store sticked a wrong tag in front of the laptop...?Coz it really has a touch screen...
The price from that store is $1208(USD),for the model with i5, integrated graphic card and 500GB hdd. Since I am also researching online, I found that many other models with similar parameters (but not come with such a beautiful look and slim body) are all around $200 cheaper than it. Is it worthy for me to pay this price for this model?(UX31A I think, from your description)
I have another choice - wait until ultrabooks with larger SSD and cheaper price are released...Is it realistic in half a year's time?
And is it the trend for all laptops (besides ultrabooks) to have ssd instead of hdd?

Thank you again for your reply! It really helps me a lot

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04/07/13 05:16 PM
Re: Don't know which one I should buy...

The UX31A only ships with SSDs, it was probably the VivoBook SC300CA you saw. And yes, it you're OK with integrated graphics, there are many models and brands to choose from. Here in the US, a Core i5/4 gig RAM/ 128 gig SSD premium Ultrabook averages $1,000 to $1,100 with a touch screen. Sounds like your prices are a little higher there? Less expensive models usually have lower resolution displays and a plastic casing.

I don't think we'll see Ultrabooks with 512 gig SSDs at reasonable prices in 6 months. 2 years, yes. And yes, Ultrabooks in the 13.3" category almost always have an SSD. That's considered better and premium since they're so much faster, are shock-immune and use less power. Of course, it limits your storage space, and that's the downside.

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